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When The Shade Comes Over

"Will Davis has written a vibrant and compelling, dare I say spooky, story of the supernatural.  Read this one with the lights on!"

 Russell Azbill
author Darkest Hour   

In the mystic hills of Kentucky sits a house, alone and empty, waiting for the breath of life to unleash the fury of ancient ancestors.  Bryan Blackburn inherits this house and after returning, begins having nightly dreams of violence and murder viewed through ancestral eyes.  Bryan walks through time like a ghost from the future. His vivid nightmares increase in intensity. His nightly trespass into ancient evil has allowed the shade from the past to creep into the present. Bryan’s persona takes on the character of his nightmares. He realizes he must confront the invading evil … ghost to ghost.

Comments from the Author:

When the Shade Comes Over” has been a work in progress since the 1980's. Over time it has evolved into a full novel. It started as an essay in college titled "Grandmother's House". It is based on a real house in the Davis family and I wanted to capture the legends and ghost stories surrounding the house. My dad was raised in this house and I have heard many hair raising ghost stores retold over and over.

I sat this book aside for many years to work on others. It wasn't until I read "Bag of Bones" by Stephen King that somehow things clicked into place for this novel and led me to put the others aside and return to this one. I have kept some elements of the ghost stories intact while fictionalizing other elements to make them fit the story. I also discovered a book titled "The Maynards of Eastern Kentucky: From Pioneers to the Tenth Generation" by Roland B. Maynard. This gave me a great deal of inspiration into the historical context of the story. I researched Civil War times, battles, and diaries in order to give legitimacy where needed. I also took artistic liberty with some geography and historical characters to build the story. I would like to thank all those who read the manuscript and provided direction and/or inspiration and allowed me to actually finish it.  I would especially like to thank my latest "editors", Gail, Robin, and Jennifer, for providing those valuable last minute tweaks. I am very blessed to have reunited with a John's Creek High School class of 1979 classmate, Jennifer Stanley, to team with on the design and illustration of the cover art. I was reacquainted with Jennifer after 30 years and her expertise in painting old houses impressed me so that she was the only one who could do justice to the cover.  She came through impressively.

I am currently plotting out three exciting sequels and hope to begin on the next book soon after the release of this one.

Comments from the readers:

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"Will Davis has a talent with words. His descriptive language creates images that you can see, taste, smell and touch--all vividly. It's not easy to put the book down before finishing it and the ending blew my mind. " ----  Chuck

"Will, your book is great! Read about 1/3 so far, can't wait to see what happens! This could definitely be a movie!" ---- Angela

"I very seldom come across a book that keeps me up late at night like this one did. Couldn't put it down! It was so intriguing that I could easily imagine the movie version of the story. It has a great plot with historical references and an ending with a twist." ---- Fuzzy

"This book was a gift from a friend who thought I'd like it. Let it sit for a while, then picked it up when I was headed east for family event. Started it when I was on the runway and couldn't put it down. Didn't even mind that I had a travel delay, because it gave me more time to read. My only regret is not starting this facinating read sooner! As stated before, I can see this on the big screen!"  ---- Alberta

" 'When The Shade Comes Over' is captivating, rivetting and the kind of scary that makes you put your hands over your eyes and peek through your fingers because you don't want to look, and yet you want to see what happens next. Will paints pictures with his words on the canvas of my imagination. I could actually see the story unfold right before my eyes. I couldn't put it down! I have ready this book twice now. It just gets better with each read. I too, can see this as a movie." ---- Sallyjoe

"I'm not one that typically reads "ghost" books but then this isn't a typical "ghost" book. Great story about a journey back home and a journey back into the past. The characters seem like real people with distinct personalities that come through in this story. You can feel their hurt, joy, pain, and love. Definitely worth reading." ---- Dillon

"Will, I really enjoyed reading 'When the Shade Comes Over'... (hubby got mad because I wouldn't put it down). Since we've been down to eastern KY (Sandy Hook) many times to visit Chris' family I could easily picture everything you were talking about. Keep up the good work!" ---- Teresa    

"One fantastic story told with awareness for all those dark scary things funeralized within us. Mr. Davis has written here, about justice while weaving its truth through despair, unholy presence and the thrill of an ever speeding roller coaster. The plot demands your attention while the atmosphere sometimes makes you short of breath; but you will read on. This work is a gem and one you will pass around to your circle of friends: don't do it, make them buy their own copy! I give thumbs up to this read and the author, Will Davis." ---- Del
Thanks for the ride, Will Davis! Thanks for a making me wonder “Is he or isn’t he? Did he or didn’t he? Were they or weren’t they?” Could it be possible that the ending asks more questions of the reader than it answers? Thank you for honoring Brushy and its coal mining roots. The mine owner/landowner storyline certainly gives you pause for thought. I loved the Greasewood Flats stop. It reminded me of an earlier time when my Ya Ya friends and I went there in search of cowboys! Now, when I remember my dad, mom, aunt, uncle, cousin or neighbor saying “When The Shade Comes Over . . . .” I’ll always question “what did they know that I didn’t?” -----Shirl M.


A few chapters in to your book but had to let you know how much I enjoy it already. Such a smooth read and although I had never even been to Brushy until 3 years ago, I recognize so much from your book that I had heard or seen. Love it! Thanks, Will! 
------ DeeDee B.

What a great story! My friend Diana let me read it and I couldn't put it down! I read the entire book in one day! As a new resident of Eastern Kentucky I can't wait to learn more about my new home! Bravo! ------Kimberly W.

I just finished reading your book. WOW. What an intriguing story! Thank you for taking me back to Brushy and the memories of sitting on my Mamaw's porch watching the chickens running in the yard...I've been recommending the book anyway. I'll be more emphatic about it now that I've finished it! -----Bobbi M.

I recently finished this novel and feel compelled to write about "When the Shade Comes Over". It's staying with me, like a haunting echo. But this book isn't just about ghosts and haunts. On the contrary, there are other elements at play. There are layers of social and personal justice, and multiple tensions running throughout. It starts off in a laid-back way, perhaps reflecting the rhythms of a simpler life in the Kentucky hills, but then quickly changes pace as the reader gets pulled into an increasingly complex (and entirely intriguing!) web of events that intertwine the past with the present. The author cleverly aligns malevolence with innocence, and the chapters flow together like vivid scenes in a movie. This story will stay with you well after you've read the last page. Thumbs up!
------ Julie G.

What a treasure! This was a "can't put it down" book and brought the hills of KY to life! The shades captured me! I could picture every event in detail and was always ready to turn the page---what will happen next???
-------Betty M.

Finished the book last week. It's a great story and very entertaining all the way through. Chilling, spooky and hard to put down.
------ Phil R.

Will's first book is a page turner! Very captivating story that keeps you on your toes while the plot intertwines lives through different time periods. Very well done! I can't wait for the next book!  ------Anna A.

I really enjoyed the book. I'm looking forward to reading the next book by Will Davis. I have recommended this book to several friends to read.  ------ Laura B.

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"When The Shade Comes Over" by Will Davis


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